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An all inclusive invitation to dive deep with Erin Lovell Verinder and Zoe Bosco.

A cosmic collaboration woven together by two of Orchard St’s golden practitioners. This unique event will be laying the core foundations and space for our sacred experience providing deep nourishment for the mind, body and spirit. We will be held in the arms of the beautiful Heart space manner, as we surrender into the yin and embrace the medicine of the yang.

A full day devoted to accessing new depths of self care and the remembrance of sacred connection. We will awaken the inner compass and evoke the personal intuitive connection within. The ultimate anecdote for those feeling frayed, and hearing the call to take deeper care of self.

Throughout this immersive day, deep restoration through embodied rituals will be illuminated and lovingly guided, we will explore reclamation of the sacred self, journeying healing plant allies, and igniting consciousness all in a warm supportive grounded space. With Erin and Zoe’s combined wisdoms and guidance they aim to empower you with tools, practices and insights that you can access to come home to self to deeply fill and honour the intricate web of healing your being desires. 

This offering draws on the potent energy of reconnecting to the sageness of earth medicine and its glorious innate restorative powers to activate our epic ability to realign and heal. We look forward to welcoming you, and all you will bring to this sacred circle, journeying with you and witnessing your transformation.

With love and warmth,

Erin & Zoe


Saturday 7th July - 10am to 4pm

Sunday 8th July-  10am to 4pm

  • Nourishing lunch, afternoon tea and medicinal beverages provided
  • Sacred journal
  • Herbal offerings + vibrational essences + self clearing tools to be experienced and gifted to you
  • Afternoon optional add on of infrared sauna to deepen detoxification, relaxation and cleanse- book via

Please note: Accommodation not included

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Zoe Bosco

I am the creator  behind Medicinal Alchemy, a space for deep subconscious re-patterning and awakening. Where healing is focused around reconnecting with your innate intuition and cultivating trust with your inner sage. Facilitating a rise in consciousness, activating power, purpose and passion. 

I have always had an affinity with healing and a curiosity for the mysteries of the mind, body and spirit connection. This led me into many different areas of study over a number of years. After some time of in-depth learning through Osteopathy, I was drawn into the world of Kinesiology where I could deepen my knowledge of the subconscious realm and explore the intricate relationship between mind and matter. 

Medicinal Alchemy was created at a time when I felt truly ready to offer a healing space that focused on deeper soul work. Using a gentle method of muscle monitoring, tapping into the mind body spirit connection to explore the imbalance. I work with the intention of igniting the inner healer within my clients to empower a state of self holding through accessing their innate knowing and trusting their inner guide. We dive into the subconscious field to meet the Shadow and work at Integrating the disowned aspects of self. With a focus on the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, I hold space for men and woman to come home to themselves, the earth and the higher orchestrations of life. 

Woven through sessions are a variety of revered methods, such as Kinesiology, TCM philosophy, acupressure, Spiral and energetic healing to rebalance the body’s energetic system, and regain harmony. With the intention of raising consciousness, each session is unique and individualised and follows a natural rhythm of awakening, transformation, integration and embodiment.


Erin Lovell Verinder

I hold over 16 years experience working within the healing and wellness realms. I am a fully qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist & Energetic Healer. I maintain a vibrant clinical practise in my Sydney oceanside clinic, Orchard St Bronte and also work one on one with clients via Skype consultations from my mountainside studio.

My ethos is to approach each client with fresh eyes, alert ears and and open heart. I approach each case individually and the term individualised care is truly in motion. In my clinics, I do my absolute finest to balance both worlds – bridging the gap with functional medicine, testing, clinical applications, fostering connection to nourishment with healing foods and the softer side of energetics, plant medicine, and always encouraging my clients to be empowered to trust their own healing wisdoms.

From a tender age,I have always been intrigued with healing, the mystic allure of it all. I loved the notion that the earth held all the remedies for our ailments, and that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves. I needed to explore this calling, and from the bright eyed age of 18 I set out to do so. I began studying Energetic Healing, learning all about auras, chakras, meridians, reiki, kinesiology, flower essences, gem healing, meditation, natures medicines and ultimately how our emotions and mind state impact our physical health.

Honestly it has always felt very inherent to work with facilitating healing in many facets and holding that space for myself and others. I love that it is all so intentional, and much of great health and harmony comes from conscious choices. My passion is to assist others to trust their innate ability to heal. I love that Naturopathic Medicine, as I see it, is all about honoring the whole, always individually and in tune with the primal foundations of what we desire and require to thrive. I am the greatest advocate of listening in closely to your own body and being, to reveal the gold.

Above all I hold a deep respect for the healing journey each client is on and I feel deep gratitude to be able to guide clients to unearth life changing results for their whole being.

Nature is the greatest restorer, and I treasure the rich wisdoms I have learnt and the languages I speak to tap into her,I look forward to sharing this with you all.

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